In Jun 2010 Amman hospital start the preparation to gain accreditation by the Joint Commission .This commitment for excellence represented through massive efforts done by all staff at Amman hospital to prepare for this accreditation. By applying quality management principles and measuring of outcomes, the hospital ensures a safe environment for health care delivery and a high standard of quality services for its patients.
Quality Management and patient safety Office
The Quality Management Office is a centralized interdisciplinary entity that is responsible for leading all activities related to defining, measuring and continuously improvement the quality and hospital-wide performance. The Quality Management and patient safety Office consist of three units:
  • Document Control
  • Risk Management
  • Performance Improvement.
The main tasks of the QM office are:
  • Facilitate of performance improvement projects and teams.
  • Maintain and improve patient safety by tracking and analysis of adverse events.
  • Develop and maintenance of a Tracking System for performance improvement projects.
  • Train staff in the use of performance improvement principles and methodology.
  • Consultation and liaison on performance improvement issues.
  • Collect Data, analyze and use data for improvement.
  • Use outcome measures and clinical indicators.
  • Facilitate utilization management activities.
  • Facilitate development of an appropriate risk reduction system for the hospital
  • Facilitate the development of a sentinel event procedure, including the provision of support and training.
  • Support and administrative coordination for the Quality improvement and Patient Safety Committee.
  • Support for on-going accreditation compliance activities.