About Us

About us

Amman Hospital

Amman Hospital has been established in 1993.At that time it consisted of only two floors. In 1998 after it’s expansion, it’s capacity increased to 95 beds distributed on six floors.The hospital treats patients coming from inside Jordan and abroad including Arabs and other nationalities.
Amman hospital provides patients care and treatment in almost all medical and surgical specialties including sophisticated and technically advanced medical interventions and surgical operations.

Our Mission

Our mission at Amman Hospital is To provide best and comprehensive health care to patients at competitive cost and high quality while, maintaining ethical standards of the provided service.

Our Vision

To become a leading institution in providing excellent health services in accordance with best practices focusing on patient safety.


We achieved our mission through adopting these values:
– Quality & safety
– Ethical & cultural responsiveness : observance of diversity of cultures of patients and their relatives. 
– Excellence: Provision of excellent health services
– Respect : Respect of patients privacy and needs.
– Participation: Working with a team spirit  
– Responsibility : Responsibility in working
– Creativity : Transforming challenges in to opportunities




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Years of Experiance


Qualified Staffs

Amman Hospital

Efficiency and high quality of service are ensured through:

  • 24 hour service, 7 days a week.
  • Policies and procedures developed by the Medical Records department and approved by medical record committee, regarding proper creation, maintenance, ownership, retention, security and removal of patient medical records.
  • Monitor the implementation of Policies and procedures of Admission Transfer and discharge.
  • Organized patient charts filed systematically under medical record numbers for efficient data access.
  • Standardized forms for inpatient charts created by the Medical Records Committee.
  • Inpatient charts with clearly marked section dividers and an order flagging system.