Hospital wide safety is the responsibility of the Safety office; the purpose of the office is to assure a safe environment fro patients, employees, medical staff, visitors, and other customers of Amman Hospital.
Main Activities of the Office:
  • Work as a team with Amman Hospital employees to implement safety procedures
  • Establish a well built infrastructure for securing a safe and healthy environment for patients, workers and visitors
  • Improve employee awareness in safety, fire and environmental health issues for visitors, employees and patients
  • Set policies and procedure to control safety and environmental issues in the hospital
  • Assure proper management of hazardous materials
  • Audit implementation of safety plans
  • Organize mock incidents and evacuation
  • Assure maintenance of equipment used within the hospital
  • Gather data and analyze medical waste quantities
  • Investigate and analyze incidents occurring within the hospital
  • Prepare periodic reports regarding safety and environmental health status